Locally sourced wares from a variety of artists. (shoo) supports individual expression by providing a space for local artists to sell their hand made products. 

Gearhead Hand Dipped Boyfriend Flannel
Gearhead Hand Dipped Rock n Roll Flannel
(h(om)e) Spring Tote Black Croc
Avaasi Multi Strand Hematite/Crystal Cluster Necklace
Avaasi Sapphire/Pearl Necklace
Avaasi Long Blue Topaz & Quartz Necklace
Avaasi Oval Druzy Necklace
Avaasi Long Pearl, Quartz & Red Spinel Necklace
Avaasi Grey Pearl Long Necklace
Julie Schmidt Long Disc and Rectangle Drop Necklace
Julie Schmidt Medium Spike Necklace
Julie Schmidt Ladder Necklace
Julie Schmidt Mountain Necklace
Julie Schmidt Hook Necklace with Crystals
Julie Schmidt Disc and Rectangle Drop Necklace
Julie Schmidt Medium Triangle Necklace
Julie Schmidt Silver Swirl Necklace
Julie Schmidt Chevron Necklace
Julie Schmidt Flat Spear Necklace
Julie Schmidt Silver Spear Necklace
Julie Schmidt NS Tiny Spike Necklace
Julie Schmidt Small Bar 2 Chains Earrings
Avaasi Black Crystal Bolo Necklace
Avaasi Red Spinel, Pearl & Topaz Drop Necklace
Avaasi Rectangle Aquamarine Necklace
Avaasi Stick Pearl Silver Necklace
Avaasi Pearl & Red Spinel Necklace
Avaasi Labradorite/Quartz Drop Necklace
Avaasi Labradorite Pendant w/ Gold Bullet on Black Tourmaline Necklace
Avaasi Gold Spinel & Labradorite Beads Necklace
Avaasi Rectangle Labradorite Necklace
Avaasi Labradorite/Pearl Drop Necklace
Avaasi Aquamarine Pendant & Gunmetal Necklace
Avaasi Rose Quartz Earrings
Avaasi Chainmaille Amethyst Drop Earrings
Avaasi Crystal Champagne Labradorite & Pyrite Oval Pendant Necklace
Avaasi Short Gold & Quartz Necklace
Avaasi Angelic Hematite Crystals & Gunmetal Necklace