Collection: Jennifer Lippman Bruno Design

Jennifer Lippman Bruno Design


from the designer's website

"I am not one to actively draw attention to myself. I love to observe and learn from the outside looking in.  Even when I was little, I refused to wear clothing that had logos on it, never wanting to advertise for anyone (not the easiest child to shop for). All I wanted was something that no one else had – nothing flashy or showy, just different, independent of others. This is my approach to designing as well. Nothing outrageous, but different enough to catch attention without screaming for it.


Designing for me is my escape.  It is my safe place where I can ignore the world, no matter how wonderful or persnickety it is; I know I can create my own sense of balance.  It is here where my hopes and ability to see things clearly emerge.


I love clean, simple, elegant lines that are slightly tweaked to subtly call attention. I have always felt that the loudest person is not necessarily right, but just loud.  You must listen carefully for the quiet individuals - many times they are the ones who have thought things through and might have the most poignant ideas.  The same philosophy applies to my jewelry. A piece can be extremely bold and strong, but in a modest, gentle manner that is not forced.  It has the ability to quietly speak for itself with great confidence; this creates a magnificent presence.  And when the piece finds its owner, they hopefully will have a love affair that will endure a lifetime."