United Nude Vita Sandal Lo


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United Nude Vita Sandal Lo

Black Sandal

Bid farewell to boring black sandals with Vita from United Nude. This flat sandal is bursting the sophistication and a touch of modernity. Two straps and a total heel enclosure make sure you're snug in these sandals. 

Silver Accents

United Nude's signature futuristic flair takes the form of subtle silver accents with this sandal. You'll find the perfect hint of silver on the end of the straps and a trim around the entirety of the shoe, making for a totally modern and sleek look.

United Nude

Heavily influenced by architecture, United Nude shoes are designed to push the boundaries of conventional fashion. Innovative, futuristic design and the desire to create something bold are at the heart of this brand. In these styles, you'll feel like you're wearing a piece of artwork.