Gabor 84.632.12 Sandal


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Gabor 84.632.12 Taupe Sandal

Strap Sandal

This sandal from Gabor features taupe straps around the ankle and over the toes.  They are a nod to the classic 90s sport sandal with cool updates like these white platform soles. Good for a hike or bike or hitting the town.

Luggy Low Platform

These sandals come with a mini boost with a cool luggy sole in a sporty white. It's a nice trendy touch that provides some extra shock absorption.  All season long these sandals will be a great choice for walking and casual wear.


Globally known for blending comfort and style, Gabor makes an ideal choice for women's footwear. From boots to sandals, this brand designs all of its shoes with quality and comfort in mind. You'll be sure to find a pair of Gabor shoes that suits you!