Dr. Martens Women's 1460 Basquiat II Boot


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Dr. Martens Women's 1460 Basquiat II Boot

 Classic Dr. Marten Silhouette

Classic meets expressive with this show-stopping, one-of-a-kind shoe. The 1460 boot from Dr. Martens is a mainstay in evocative fashion, enabling you to explore your personal style. Features like the 8-eye silhouette, visible stitching and heel-loop serve as signs of the brand's undeniable quality and solidify this shoe's iconic nature.

Artistic Dr. Marten Boot

Decorated with the work of celebrated postmodern artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, these boots inject a burst of personality and color straight into your shoe collection. The boldness and vibrancy of this piece allows you to unleash your individuality through your wardrobe. With this boot on, you're truly wearing a piece of art. 

Dr. Martens

An iconic brand, Dr. Martens is known for both providing practicality and inspiring individuality. The trademark yellow stitching is an unmistakable sign of quality and non-conformity, allowing you to shape your Dr. Martens to your personal needs and style.