Dr. Marten's Voss Sandal


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Dr. Martens Voss Sandal

Wide Strap Sandal

For a heavenly shoe with some attitude, look no further than the Voss Sandal from Dr. Marten. Wide white straps coupled with a lightweight, grooved sole offer stylish comfort. The black footbed contrasted with the white sole and straps creates an eye-catching look that's perfect for pairing with anything in your wardrobe. 

White Leather Sandal

The Voss sandal is crafted in Hydro leather, a smooth PU-coated leather with a matte finish. Two adjustable straps along the top of the foot and around the ankle allow for your best fit. To top it all off, Dr. Marten's trademark yellow stitching runs around the shoe for that unmistakeable brand flair. 

Dr. Martens

An iconic brand, Dr. Martens is known for both providing practicality and inspiring individuality. The trademark yellow stitching is an unmistakable sign of quality and non-conformity, allowing you to shape your Dr. Martens to your personal needs and style.