Dr. Martens Rometty


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Dr. Martens Rometty

Heeled Leather Boot

Unleash your inner wild child with the Rometty boot from Dr. Martens. This elevated Chelsea boot features an articulated toe and a striking 1 1/8" platform coupled with and 2 1/4" heel for a striking look. With a sleek silhouette and tons of rebellious features, this boot strikes the perfect balance between your feminine and unruly sides. 

Burnished Wyoming Leather Boot

Rich, soft and high sheen, the Burnished Wyoming Leather from which this boot is made is oiled with a subtle grain, for a beautiful, high-quality finish. An air-cushioned sole ensures comfort to keep you pounding the pavement all day long. Of course, these wouldn't be Docs without the iconic visible yellow stitching and heel loop. 


Wipe away dirt using a damp cloth, allow to dry thoroughly. Apply Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam to bring well-worn footwear back it's best by nourishing the leather.  Repeat process regularly to prolong the life of your footwear.

Dr. Martens

An iconic brand, Dr. Martens is known for both providing practicality and inspiring individuality. The trademark yellow stitching is an unmistakable sign of quality and non-conformity, allowing you to shape your Dr. Martens to your personal needs and style.