Cydwoq Bare Red Croc

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red croc
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Cydwoq Bare Red Croc

Red Croc Sandal

Unleash your adventurous side with the Bare Sandal from Cydwoq. These eye-catching sandals combine casual elegance with unique touches, creating a boldly different look. The stunning Red Croc leather will have you turning heads all season long!

Toe-Loop Sandal

Spectacularly out of the ordinary, this sandal offers stylish luxury. The pointed angular footbed in contrasting black leather provides a daring look, while carefully placed cutouts add visual interest. The big-toe loop and wide upper keep you secure and comfortable. 


Handcrafted in Burbank, California, Cydwoq shoes takes the art of footwear to new heights. The brand is known for it's wonderful quality, timeless creations and unique, architectural designs.