Camper Twins White Sneaker

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Camper Twins Sneaker

White Leather Sneaker

For a classic look with a colorful twist, look no further than the Twins Sneaker from Camper. Crafted in leather, these shoes will stand the test of time and keep you looking stylish for years to come. Truly versatile yet totally unique, you'll find yourself constantly reaching for these sneakers.

TWINS Colorful White Sneakers

Born in 1988, the TWINS concept — opposite yet complementary - challenges the idea that shoes must be identical and lives on in these mismatched women’s shoes to form a truly unique pair.

Who says a pair of shoes has to be identical? Contrasting red and blue heel details, subtle yellow and green accents, and decorative white stitching give these sneakers a punch. Make a bold statement by rocking these shoes with any outfit. 


Hailing from Mallorca, Spain, Camper strives to reimagine casual footwear with innovate and refined designs. With every style, the brand tries to bridge the gap between sporty and smart to create a truly unique shoe. Everyone can find a Camper shoe to fit their style.