Camper Twins Yellow Sandal


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Camper Twins Sandal

Crossed Strap Sandal

Looking to twist up your sandal collection? The Twins Sandal from Camper is sure to do the trick! Criss-cross leather straps featuring contrasting overlapping colors offer a distinct and refreshing look that .Step into these Campers and challenge the notion that pairs of shoes need to be exactly the same. 

TWINS Yellow Sandal

Born in 1988, the TWINS concept — opposite yet complementary - challenges the idea that shoes must be identical and lives on in these mismatched women’s shoes to form a truly unique pair.

2 shades of yellow leather straps offer a delicate color scheme perfect for pairing with your Spring wardrobe. The dichotomy of colors extends to the yellow piping around the shoe and the white sole. A padded back strap secured with Velcro makes for a customizable fit, meaning you'll never want to take these shoes off.


Hailing from Mallorca, Spain, Camper strives to reimagine casual footwear with innovate and refined designs. With every style, the brand tries to bridge the gap between sporty and smart to create a truly unique shoe. Everyone can find a Camper shoe to fit their style.