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Asportuguesas Come Round Toe Mule

Asportuguesas Come Round Toe Mule

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Asportuguesas Come Round Toe Mule

Slip On Mule

For a funky twist on a classic style, look no further than the Come round toe mule from Asportuguesas. These slip on shoes are designed with a molded counter footbed for ideal comfort. Featuring a 1.5" black cork sole, these shoe make a statement.

Footwear outerwear? Sooo yes. These cozy cork-sole shoes feature a wool upper that wraps your tootsies in sweater coat-like warmth, beckoning you to slip them on and take leisurely walks.

Wool Mule

The upper of this truly unique style is made with natural wool and felt, keeping your feet warm when it's cool and cool when it's warm. With this shoe, you'll feel wrapped in warmth and comfort. Available in two colors, these shoes are perfect for leisurely walks, errands or anything in between!


Designed with sustainability in mind, Asportuguesas shoes are not only quality but also eco-friendly. Asportuguesas chooses natural and recycled materials and draws inspiration from nature. The brand is committed to preserving natural resources by using sustainable materials, maintaining a negative carbon footprint and never cutting down trees to make their shoes. 

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