Camper K201378-005 Twins Black Multi-Color Strap Heeled Sandal


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Camper K201378-005 Heeled Sandal

Beautiful Multi-Color Strappy Heel Sandal

Looking to add some color to your sandal collection?  The Camper K201378-005 heeled multi-color strappy sandal is sure to do the trick! 

TWINS Colorful Complements

Born in 1988, the TWINS concept — opposite yet complementary - challenges the idea that shoes must be identical and lives on in these mismatched women’s shoes to form a truly unique pair. Make a bold statement by rocking these shoes with any outfit. 


Hailing from Mallorca, Spain, Camper strives to reimagine casual footwear with innovate and refined designs. With every style, the brand tries to bridge the gap between sporty and smart to create a truly unique shoe. Everyone can find a Camper shoe to fit their style.