Seychelles Connoisseur Slide Black

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Seychelles Connoisseur Heel Slide Sandal

Woven Black Leather Heel

Chic styles gets a textural twist with the Connoisseur Heel from Seychelles Footwear. This sandal's focal point is undeniably it's thick woven leather band for an on-trend look. Polished but not lacking in visual interest, this shoe offers the best of both worlds.

Banded Heeled Slide Sandal

A chunky heel anchors the Connoisseur sandal. The rich black leather adds a touch of refinement, but also offers endless versatility. Weddings, pool parties, rooftop brunches - think of all the occasions to show off this shoe this spring!

Seychelles Footwear

Founded on the idea of the Independent Edge, Seychelles Footwear aims to craft shoes that allow for freedom of expressions and individuality. Reveling in one's strength and confidence is what this brand is all about. Seychelles shoes are handcrafted in small batches in factories with strict social responsibility standards.