Papucei Oxalis


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Papucei Oxalis Oxford

Black & White Chunky Cutout Oxford

Black, white and chic all over, the Oxalis shoe from Papucei footwear offers an unexpected twist on a classic color combination. The staple oxford silhouette gets turned on its head with this innovative style, featuring contrasting colors and materials and funky cutouts.

Chunky Lugg Sole Oxford

Perched on a chunky lugg sole, this bold style offers the perfect boost (to you and your shoe rotation!). A black, white and striped bow sits gracefully atop this oxford for a dramatic finish. Who knew neutrals could be so bold?


Bold and daring styles are the hallmark of this Romanian brand. Crafted with thoughtful attention to detail and undeniable craftsmanship, Papucei shoes are a triumph of footwear design.