Bed|Stu Loretta Bootie

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Bed|Stu Loretta Woven Leather Lace-Up Boot

Lace-Up Bootie

For a truly unique spring boot, look no further than Loretta from Bed|Stu. These beautifully handcrafted booties are made with vegetable-tanned leather in a neutral sand beige tone. Effortlessly versatile yet undeniably distinct, these shoes make a perfect addition to your shoe rotation this spring!

Woven Leather Bootie

Captivating leather weave detailing over the toe, vamp and back of the boot create a distinct and genuine look. The gorgeous textures in the detailing and leather offer stunning visual interest that makes these booties a handcrafted work of art. 

Bed Stu

Intentionally imperfect, Bed Stu crafts shoes with a philosophy of appreciating the unique textures and colors of each material. Carefully crafted by hand, these shoes are both naturally beautiful and of incredible quality. Every material that goes into a pair Bed Stu shoes is all-natural and responsibly sourced.